Debuting Official “With Closed Eyes” music video

Mystery. Contemplation. Alienation. Togetherness. Longing. Loneliness. A complex web of dream-like reflective moments shape the mood of With Closed Eyes, the video for the album of the same name created by Arash Behzadi, a globe-trotting entrepreneur — and exciting new talent in contemporary piano composition.

“I see the piano as an allegory for life,” Behzadi explains. “The piano mirrors existence in all its complexities from moments of profound sadness and loss to exhilaration and new beginnings.”

The imagery and music of the video, With Closed Eyes, which was released July 19, convey a dreamy sense of mysterious yearning. A young woman contemplatively strolls a windswept beach, wistfully gazing out over waves crashing onto a boulder-strewn shore. We see her from different perspectives — sharing her view of the endless horizon, then facing her and observing her from a distance. What is she thinking? Is she sad? Lonely? At peace? We then cut to Behzadi, casually seated and tapping out a melody on a boulder as the silver grey water slaps up against the rocks.

The next scene reveals the woman sensuously wrapped in a down duvet, stirring languorously in bed as a male figure in soft focus crosses a door frame in the background. Is he her lover? For a moment her eyes meet ours, as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa. Is she content? Indifferent?

The music flows gently, serenely, around the two people as they embrace, together, yet alone, Behzadi at the piano immersed in the music, the woman, lost in faraway thought, lovingly leaning against him as he plays, her eyes closed, once more meeting our gaze, before she returns to contemplate the endless horizon.

Press play and enjoy the beauty of Arash’s latest video.

Directed & Produced by Peyman Soheili.

Recording/mixing/mastering by Kambiz Mirzaei.

Actress Chelsea Leanne Palmer.

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