Where words fail, music speaks.
Hans Christian Andersen

Inspiration, hope, joy and comfort. Mystery, contemplation, alienation and longing. The gamut of human emotions is explored in Arash Behzadi’s vibrant piano compositions, an instrument he describes as an allegory for life itself in its wide tonal range of expression. His dynamic improvisational technique is intricate and exciting but at the same time, calming and freeing.

“The piano mirrors existence in all its complexities from moments of profound sadness and loss to exhilaration and new beginnings,” he says.

Arash’s more recent explorations delve into the powerful therapeutic aspects of music. Disquieted souls who need healing whether within a troubled relationship or within their own hearts and minds will find solace in Arash’s intensely insightful musical narratives – original piano pieces that reflect his own personal journey searching for a deeper more complex direction for his music.

In a series of recent visits to Bali he found an unexpected inner peace and tranquility in the timeless island’s ancient sacred temples, in its gentle people, its pristine water falls and emerald rice fields. It was a transformative and healing experience, inspiring both his music and a passionate mission to share its rejuvenating powers.

“We all have places where we are stuck emotionally,” he says. “Music can open up those channels, perhaps to a place of peace and calm or to one of intense release. Music can change people’s lives.” His audiences often speak of being emotionally awakened and profoundly moved, of feeling a sense of relief and healing.

Arash intuitively understands, as have mystics and sages throughout the ages – and now modern science – the magic music has to connect us and to heal us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Arash’s soulful searchings have evolved in the last few years, spurred by a dedication to yoga along with explorations into a variety of art forms and fresh interpretations of New Age music – all in a quest for new and evocative visual metaphors to frame his musical stories and to create a platform that invites the interplay of dance, theatrical performance, film and animation. He is a creative collaborator working with renowned choreographers, artists, musicians — and more recently acro-yogis, performing in majestic settings as varied as sacred open air temples in Bali and under the neo-gothic arches and stained glass windows of venerable Toronto cathedrals.

“I am both guiding and following the yoga flow and meditation on my piano,” he says. “I’m connecting with the yoga practitioners in real time, adjusting my pace and intensity according to the feedback I’m getting from them. You could even say I’m meditating along with them. I’m not playing notes or songs; I’m evoking emotions.”

Arash’s audience is a global one. And varied. He has performed at concerts and events in Bali, most notably the Bali Spirit Festival which brings together musicians, yogis and dancers from every continent, attracting thousands of people from all over the world for the five day event. He has also performed in Geneva, New York, the World Trade Centre Club in Dubai, the Tirgan Festival in Toronto (the largest Iranian cultural festival in the world) and at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

He continues to explore a wide range of musical narratives in his two albums With Closed Eyes and his latest release Elsewhere.

As a Canadian Iranian whose musical evolution has its beginnings in traditional Persian folk music, Arash has shaped his unique piano compositions, transcending over time into a unique and very personal direction. He understands that music can create social change. That it’s fundamental to who we are as humans. And it’s fundamental to the gift Arash wants to share with the world.