Arash’s newest Piano Yoga

Continuing the healing process with his piano compositions, Arash Behzadi is pleased to introduce his newest video, WITH CLOSED EYES Piano Yoga.

Accompanied by Lisa Marie Gierak who executes various yoga positions throughout the performance, WITH CLOSED EYES, also the title track of Arash Behzadi’s current piano solo album bearing the same name, is a deep, transcendental piece often utilized for yoga sequences. The simplicity of the piano accompanied with live yoga creates a sense of mindfulness and peace while contributing to the healing process which Arash Behzadi’s music is known for.

WITH CLOSED EYES Piano Yoga video features a shorter five minute version of the track, while the original track is over eight minutes in length. An additional new video, recently filmed in Florida, will be released in the spring.

Watch WITH CLOSED EYES Piano Yoga video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXGx8U97bOs