Born Again

Born Again captures the ups and downs of life, rising again after falling, joy and sadness, difficulties faced and overcome, lessons gleaned from a spectrum of experiences. Like the cycle of the seasons the music ebbs and flows reflecting our ever changing emotions.

The video was shot in Geneva, one of the participating cities in “Street Pianos”, an art project created by British artist Luke Jerram in Birmingham U.K. in 2008 to inspire conversation between strangers “and to provoke them into enjoying, activating and claiming ownership of their urban landscape.”

He placed 15 pianos across the city. It’s a piece of public art that has gone viral in its reach – more than 1400 pianos in public places in 47 cities world-wide in London, Paris, New York and from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, Albany to Adelaide, Lima to Luxembourg, Barcelona to Belfast and from Toronto to Toowoomba Australia. “Street Pianos” has reached more than six million people across the globe.

As Arash played his arresting composition on pianos across Geneva he was part of this movement, inspiring not just conversation but a wellspring of emotions in all who stopped to listen.

Music Video Production & Editing by: Emilie Laici & Lucie Levasseur