The New Music Video “The Joy of Storm”

The Joy of Storm dramatizes the human struggle with challenges over which one has no control yet facing them head-on until resolution is achieved. In creating the video Arash collaborated with renowned Iranian dancer/choreographer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam to create a video in which the dancer unleashes his emotion in a downpour, fully giving himself up to elements that are greater than him.

This piece is a harmonious combination of the work of both of it’s creators: melodically, Arash’s distinct approach brings to mind the adventurous abandon of Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, while Shahrokh’s signature choreography and emotive facial expressions mirror the same sentiment. “The Joy of Storm piece uses the storm as a metaphor for devastating life experiences,” says Arash. “The composition reflects my feeling that we can take these experiences and find positivity and joy in them and in ourselves.”

This is the first single from Arash’s new With Closed Eyes album, which will be available everywhere in August 2015.

The Joy of Storm Music Video is directed and produced by Peyman Soheili.

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