Reflecting on Valentines Day and the meaning of “Togetherness”

Every year on Valentines millions of people the world over celebrate their most meaningful relationships by showering their loved ones with cards, flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners.

It’s a time when we celebrate not just lovers and life partners, but also acknowledge other significant relationships – like friends, relatives and classmates.

To pay tribute to the deeper meaning of this special occasion I am releasing Togetherness, a cinematic and musical interpretation of love, friendship and trust filmed in the 300 year old Wu Wei Wisdom sanctuary in Bali.

Lush and cinematic, the video meshes hypnotic imagery with a delicate intimate melody, encouraging all our senses to participate, sweeping us on a mystical journey.

Sensuous, but at the same time ethereal, the soaring images of Bali’s magical vistas blend with the romantic piano punctuated by the dramatic intertwining poses performed by Acro yogis Mark Das and Katie Dawn. Their graceful interplay is both intimate and powerful, bodies blending as one, bringing balletic form to the music.

The yogis’ physical “dialogue” embodies the idea of “togetherness” – each movement depends on each other’s support, dedication, trust and intuitive understanding. It is a metaphor for love.

I originally created Togetherness as a kind of therapeutic composition, to reunite two friends who had drifted apart. To my delight they were reconciled after listening to the piece.

I now invite all of you enjoy this powerful visual and musical experience. Let us open our hearts and reflect on the gift of the unique people in our lives. Let us think about the importance of “togetherness”, of love and understanding, and remember to nurture those relationships.

My Valentines wish for you is that the feelings that Togetherness evokes within you, will linger and enrich your relationships throughout the rest of the year.

Directed by: Cosmic 33 Productions (IG: @afreelancehuman)
Featuring: Mark Das & Katie Dawn
Filmed at: Wu Wei, Bali, Indonesia
Blog written by: Dee Gibney