Collaborating with Saye Skye Rap Artist

Intrigued by the idea of exploring a completely different genre of music I was excited to team up with Iranian rapper Såye Skye. For me this was new musical territory in sharp contrast to my usually peaceful and calm piano stylings.

Såye Skye is a transgender rap artist who challenges deep-rooted stereotypes imbedded in misogyny, discrimination and homophobia.

As a transgendered woman, she has had to deal with physical violence and hatred prompting her to use music as a platform for her activism.

Combining her arresting style with the poetry of Farsi, she sheds light on LGBTQ rights through her hypnotic, often angry chants, pushing her audience to question their ideas about the LGBTQ community. She is now touring in Germany.

I have great admiration for her fearlessness in the face of harsh discrimination, even danger, and welcomed the opportunity to participate in a musical partnership during Toronto’s Gay Pride festivities this past June.

Toronto’s Pride is a huge celebration of the courage and diversity of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, attended by over one million people. For me it was a new musical frontier, one focusing on social justice and human rights – and a new audience, even if just for one evening. Opera singer Shahrzad Dastoornejad added some operatic flare to our diverse music styles.

As we performed at one of the stages at Church and Gould in pouring rain the crowd stayed with us, dancing and singing along, ignoring the downpour. It made my heart soar.

Growing musically is something about which I care deeply. Performing with Såye Skye, away from my normally more intimate environments, provided me such an opportunity.