Celebrating Global Peace Day

On a beautiful sunny day in September, I had the privilege of honouring World Peace Day at a wonderful outdoor yoga event at Ontario’s Trillium Park with Toronto’s skyline and iconic CN Tower in the background – the perfect setting honouring nature in this most cosmopolitan of cities!

As planes flew overhead taking off and landing from the nearby small island airport and boats sailed on the nearby sun dappled waters of Lake Ontario I sat down, dressed in white, to accompany the more than 150 yoga participants on a white piano. Many participants wore white, symbolic of peace, to mark this special day, September 21. The day was established by the United Nations in 1981 to emphasize the need to build a peaceful and sustainable world; it is observed around the globe.

There are many ways to celebrate – through the arts, social justice, education, sports and service to others – which can take form in concerts, festivals, vigils, parades, meditation, community events, workshops and yoga events.

It was personally especially meaningful for me to be able to contribute in my own small way by participating in this intimate yoga celebration which began with a 10 minute guided meditation led by meditation coach Reena Parikh.

Bathed in the warm fall sunshine and caressed by breezes off the shimmering lake, I connected with the yoga enthusiasts in real time on the piano, adjusting my pace and intensity guided by the feedback I received from them.

Tuning in to their collective energy, I responded with my improvisations on this journey of movement, evoking and sharing emotions, channeling my musical energy into their minds and bodies, sharing its power throughout the yoga session guided by Alexandria Santaiguida, founder of Nulove community.

Nulove was established to create interpersonal connections and mindfulness through music, art, movement and meditation events as a means of encouraging people to take better care of themselves and the planet – so perfectly in sync with World Peace Day.

It was a perfect meshing of like minded people all moving as one, responding to my music, and me to them, in a soulful dialogue, music offered from my heart in recognition of how important we are to each other and how precious our fragile planet.