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The new music video
"The Joy of Storm"

Pianist & Composer: Arash Behzadi
Choreographer: Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam
Director: Peyman Soheili

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Two years after his first release of solo piano arrangements, pianist and composer Arash Behzadi continues to pursue his passion for music with his second album Aram-e Del II. The words “Aram-e Del” mean "Serenity of the Heart" in Farsi, and these rich and gratifying melodies bring back and rejuvenate memorable moments in Persian history that have touched the hearts of many people around the world.

Aram-e Del II features many timeless pieces and pays tribute to their creators, who are very special to many Persian music aficionados. Arash's arrangements of these traditional melodies rejuvenate and refresh these pieces while maintaining their authentic character and integrity. This album also includes two original compositions by Arash, and each track is rooted in his deepest emotions, expressing happiness, nostalgia, romance, and hope.

This music has accompanied Arash throughout his life, and the album transmits his emotional connection to these pieces, captivating listeners with sweet, nostalgic memories. Aram-e Del II is a perfect example of the lasting effects that simple melodies can have on people’s lives, such as captivating people falling in love, easing the pains, and bringing back sweet or nostalgic memories.

Arash is presently working on his third album, which will include the original compositions “Journey of Life” and “Ray of Sunshine.” These songs are homages to the New Age genre, and with each melody the listener can clearly feel the touching stories and experiences from which they originate. Stay tuned for the latest news about this upcoming album.


I’ve found a familiar and pleasant sentiment in this soothing music. Listening to Aram-e-Del, memories begin to fly into your thoughts… mesmerizing feeling of my walks on the streets of Tehran, with lingering rain falling from the purple sky, with warm hands that wouldn’t let go of mine. I’ve had sing-along moments with my friends, and I’ve lost myself in the heights of the Alborz mountain, which has been a great highlight in many of our lives. The music of Arash Behzadi reaches the deepest part of your soul and, for that, I am so grateful. I will listen to it over and over again for many years to come.

Reza Eslami

Like most people, I am not familiar with Persian music, but I've had the honor of growing up with classical and international influences through my dad’s love of music. Listening to Aram-e Del brought such warmth to my heart and joy to my ears. This music is so beautiful and calming — I truly find zen in hearing it.

Marianne Dayholos

Dear Arash,
Thank you for all of the passion you have put into your music, touching your listeners at the deepest level. Your choice of these memorable melodies shows how much you are in touch with the beauties of life through your music. The French conductor-composer Caravelli once said that music is like a beautiful woman. The beauty is there, but a beautiful dress makes her look even more beautiful. And that is exactly what you have done with your arrangements. Merci!

Amir - United States